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Hippie Trail (in reverse)

Growing up in India in the 60's and 70's was really fascinating stuff. There was a steady flow of travellers who would come to India on the famous 'Hippie Trail', travelling across Europe over land and then making their way into India via Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

Most travellers would congregate in Delhi (around Connaught Place and Pahar Gunj), which were (and still are) hubs for international travellers. I had the pleasure of meeting some very interesting travellers back in those days and a chance to listen to their stories. It was exciting to hear travellers share some of their experiences while they were on this long trek to what was then (and still is) regarded by well healed travellers as the ultimate destination (India)!

I'm now making a humble attempt at retracing the steps of those early adventurers. The only difference is that I'm doing the famous trail in reverse (from Turkey to Portugal and through to UK & Ireland). Furthermore, I'm also lucky to be doing this in an era of huge technological advancement which allows me to share my experiences with a much larger and more geographically diverse audience.

I invite you to come and join me in this adventure and share with me some of my travel experiences!!


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